Don't lose hope amid scandals, archbishop says in Advent interview: 'We need the good news' (AUDIO)

Detroit Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron sat down with Detroit Catholic editor Mike Stechschulte to discuss his letter to the faithful and the Catholic Church's response to the ongoing abuse crisis. (Naomi Vrazo | Archdiocese of Detroit)

Archbishop Vigneron pledges action, vigilance in letter to faithful; speaks to Detroit Catholic for exclusive interview


DETROIT — As the calendar turns to Advent and the start of a new liturgical year, Catholics can look to the Wise Men of the Gospel for hope in confronting the challenges presented by the abuse scandals in the Church today, Archbishop Vigneron said. 

Two weeks after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' meeting in Baltimore ended with an instruction from Rome to delay voting on many of the bishops' key initiatives to combat the crisis, the Church must continue to remain vigilant in listening to God's voice, he said. 

"This much we know: God wants his Church back. We must not give up hope," Archbishop Vigneron said in a letter that has been mailed to all registered households in the Archdiocese of Detroit. "A new star will lead the way. God will give us — His people — a new path. And, while words alone do not bring healing, we can never stray from our promise to listen to, walk with and support victim-survivors — ever."

In an exclusive audio interview with Detroit Catholic, Archbishop Vigneron addressed the U.S. bishops' delayed proposals — as well as the local Church's response to the crisis — and offered a reflection on how Advent can inspire hope even in difficult circumstances.