Self-proclaimed 'hobo for Christ' travels country in her car, sharing love of Jesus (AUDIO)

For the past seven years, Meg Hunter-Kilmer has traveled the country while ministering as a “hobo for Christ,” living out of her car while giving more than 100 talks per year to women's groups, youth groups and confirmation retreats wherever she stops. The former religion teacher recently stopped to share her story with Detroit Catholic. (Dan Meloy | Detroit Catholic)

Meg Hunter-Kilmer gave up teaching for nomadic lifestyle, speaking circuit because 'God had a lot He wanted to do in my heart'

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DETROIT — Meg Hunter-Kilmer is a blogger, storyteller and self-proclaimed “hobo for Christ,” traveling the country in her 2016 Toyota Corolla to tell people a simple message: that Jesus loves them.

Hunter-Kilmer has no home — save for her car — as she goes from state to state, town to town, giving talks to women’s groups, confirmation classes, youth retreats and anyone else who invites her to share her story of God’s love.

The former religion teacher and University of Notre Dame graduate doesn’t advise others to follow her path of being voluntarily homeless and unemployed. But, she insists, it is what God is calling her to do.

“It's really good for me not to be in charge and not to have a plan,” Hunter-Kilmer said. “I love (God) so much more, and I trust Him so much more than I did.”

Hunter-Kilmer said once she realized what God was calling her to do, this “ridiculous ministry” seemed manageable, and “there was just a lot of peace about this idea of living out of my car,” she said.

“Once you believe that God loves you, it changes everything,” Hunter-Kilmer said. 

During a recent visit to Detroit, Hunter-Kilmer sat down in the Detroit Catholic podcast booth to talk about what inspired her to begin her cross-country trek, and how being homeless for the Gospel has brought her closer to Christ. 

Ron Pangborn, audio producer for the Archdiocese of Detroit, contributed to this report.