Archdiocese of Detroit schools welcome new and familiar faces as 2023-24 school year begins (PHOTOS)

A student from Regina High School in Warren welcomes the freshman class to the first day of school at the all-girls campus. (Photo by Valaurian Waller | Detroit Catholic)

DETROIT ─ There isn’t much that compares to the excitement of the first day of school.

Reconnecting with old friends, meeting new teachers, a whole year of lessons, dances, games and blessings lay ahead.

It's an exciting time for students and teachers, including the pastor and principal at Christ the King School in Detroit, who are engaging in efforts to renew the school and boost enrollment.

Detroit Catholic visited Christ the King and Most Holy Trinity schools in Detroit, and Regina High School in Warren and Cabrini High School in Allen Park to capture the moments of joy and anticipation that were common sightings this week and last across the Archdiocese of Detroit.

(Photos by Valaurian Waller | Detroit Catholic)


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