Detroit Stories Episode 1: ‘Rest in Peace, Gordon King’ (PODCAST)

A story of friendship in an unexpected place, and the graces that came with it

When Tiffany Brocker moved her family to Detroit from the suburbs, she found an unexpected companion in Gordie King, a homeless man by whose corner she frequently traveled. Here’s their story.

(6:28) We hear from Fr. Tim McCabe, SJ, about the work of the Pope Francis Center as he describes the challenges faced by many of Detroit’s homeless individuals.

(7:12) Tiffany shares more about her ministry to those experiencing homelessness, and some of the subsequent challenges that come with not having a home.

(10:24) Gordie returns the favor. Tiffany shares about the graces Gordie provided for her in a time of family difficulty.

(12:20) Gordon and Tiffany’s six-year friendship, based on sharing, kindness and prayer, ends with Tiffany organizing Gordon’s funeral. 

(19:50) Tiffany encourages others to pray to God for opportunities to help people experiencing homelessness, and to reach out to our friends and neighbors for help and support.

Reporting by Casey McCorry; narration by Paul Duda; production by Ron Pangborn

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