Detroit Stories Episode 12: ‘Smoke House Rises from the Ashes’ (PODCAST)

When life threw Steve and Sue Francis challenge after challenge, faith in God was what helped them hope for better things

(0:24) We hear testimony of a long-awaited Easter for the Francis family, whose business experienced a fire that left everything unsalvageable.

(1:56) Meet Steve and Sue Francis, owners of the Country Smoke House in Almont, MI, and how what started as a hobby bloomed into a business of over 80 employees and national reach.

(5:54) Cheryl, one of the Smoke House’s employees, talks about the Francises are as employers, mentioning their dedication to and pride in their faith.

(7:49) Steve and Sue face a series of challenges that flip their business — and their lives — on their heads.

(10:10) After a fire that devastates the Smoke House, the Almont community gathered around Sue and Steve with parts to rebuild the building, hands to help work, and, most importantly, prayer.

(14:58) The Smoke House reopens its doors to great success and support from the community, and Steve and Sue reflect on faith in God as the key thing that brought them through these trials.

Reporting by Michael Stechschulte; narration and production by Ron Pangborn. Visit the Country Smoke House in Almont at