Detroit Stories Episode 5: ‘Reformed Gangster’ (PODCAST)

From mobster to minister, Tom Naemi experienced a profound conversion to Christ from behind bars

(0:33) Tom Naemi discusses his plan to eliminate his rival’s grocery store — for good.

(2:46) We learn more about Tom’s life growing up in Highland Park, how he started working with the family store, and the beginning of his rivalry with another local grocer.

(6:37) Tom tells us how he fled to Baghdad to avoid arrest, and what awaited him when he eventually decided to come back.

(8:39) Tom learns that being a good Christian might not have been quite as simple as he thought growing up, and he shares a profound encounter with God he had while in prison.

(12:59) We hear about the beginnings of Tom’s ministry and his work to bring the love of Jesus closer to more of his inmates.

(17:15) Vanessa, Tom’s biographer and friend, discusses what makes his story so compelling and the great work he’s done with his faith since leaving prison, including the healing he’s brought to those ailing mentally, physically and spiritually.

(19:28) Tom reflects on how his life has changed, and how God works at the exact right pace in the exact right ways.

Reporting by Dan Meloy; narration by Andrew Kleczek; production by Ron Pangborn