Detroit Stories Episode 74: 'Msgr. Trapp's Legacy' (PODCAST)

Parishioners, seminarians and friends recall impact of Detroit pastor, longtime spiritual director who left mark on generations

(0:02) Rose Marshall, a lifelong parishioner and social media coordinator at St. Augustine and St. Monica Parish in Detroit, recalls a drive-through the parish organized during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to lift the spirits of the parish’s pastor, Msgr. Daniel Trapp. Marshall and fellow parishioner Brian McCullough Jr. talk about what the parish meant to Msgr. Trapp — who died in January — and what he meant to them.

(3:01) Other parishioners and friends, including Nick Waller and Karl Finkbeiner, a seminarian who was mentored by Msgr. Trapp, talk about the priest’s ubiquitous presence in the east-side Detroit neighborhood, and his welcoming nature to all whom he encountered.

(6:21) Genevieve Kocourek, evangelization coordinator at the parish, and McCullough talk about Msgr. Trapp’s quiet, persistent approach to evangelization. McCullough, a Baptist convert to Catholicism, talks about how Msgr. Trapp influenced his own conversion.

(10:20) Friends and parishioners recall how Msgr. Trapp looked out for the less fortunate in his neighborhood, including a warming shelter at the parish during the colder months. Kocourek talks about his solidarity with the city’s African-American community and his response to national tragedies impacting the Black community, including the deaths of George Floyd and Tyre Nichols.

(16:36) Marshall relays how Msgr. Trapp became a father figure to her, counseling her as a young person and grieving with her when her grandmother passed away. Waller and McCullough remember Msgr. Trapp’s counsel when he was experiencing a difficult time in life.

(23:46) Finkbeiner recalls Msgr. Trapp’s care and concern for him as a seminarian during spiritual direction. Danielle Center talks about how Msgr. Trapp’s encouragement helped her start a new ministry during a pivotral time.

(27:07) Kocourek talks about Msgr. Trapp’s care and concern for parishioners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(29:40) The interviewees each remember Msgr. Trapp’s workmanlike attitude toward the priesthood. Without overdoing it, he had a knack for leading by example and showing Christ-like care and concern for each person he encountered.

(33:12) The interview subjects react to Msgr. Trapp’s passing and reflect on how he’ll be remembered for generations.

Reporting and script by Casey McCorry; narration by Leah Butalid; production by Ron Pangborn

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