Hundreds support right to life across Michigan on ‘Life Chain Sunday’ (PHOTOS)

DETROIT — According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, more elective abortions took place in Michigan last year — 29,669 — than in any year since 1996.

That alone is reason enough to demonstrate the crucial commitment to protecting innocent life. 

On Oct. 3, recognized around the country as “Life Chain Sunday,” hundreds of Catholics and others took to the street with signs, prayer beads and resolve to see an end to abortion, and to what Pope Francis has often called the “culture of death.” 

“We were blessed that the rain held off during our 90 minutes of prayerful public witness to protect the innocent life of the unborn as well as their mothers from the tragedy of abortion,” said Deborah Bloomfield, who helped organize Life Chain demonstrations at 12 locations Downriver. 

Approximately 119 people participated in the Downriver rallies, many bringing diapers for the Right to Life of Michigan Resource Center in Wyandotte.

Across the state, rallies were held at dozens of locations, with participants holding signs and encouraging passersby to reflect on the tragedy of legal abortion since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. 

Photos by Deborah Bloomfield