Detroit Stories Episode 55: 'Me, You, and 'I Do'' (PODCAST)

Rebecca Martin wrote the book on Catholic wedding planning — literally — but her own wedding was far from what she imagined

(0:03) The narrator introduces Rebecca Martin, a local book editor who co-wrote “The Catholic Wedding Planner,” a guide for brides and grooms to making their big day a holy, happy success. Rebecca describes how her own wedding planning was derailed, however, when COVID hit in spring 2020.

(2:15) Rebecca talks about the inspiration behind “The Catholic Wedding Planner.” The idea for the book began when both she and her co-editor began planning their own weddings, drawing tips and advice from her own experience they felt other couples could benefit from.

(6:50) Rebecca describes her emotions when she discovered her dream wedding wouldn’t be taking place exactly as she’d envisioned. She talks about the process of letting go of the small — but important — details and learning to focus on her future husband and God.

(12:42) Rebecca talks about the advice she received from others, especially her mother, who reminded her about the importance of the sacrament amidst the difficulties and challenges.

(15:52) Despite this, Rebecca still believes the celebration is important — very much so, she says. She talks about why the party still matters, even while keeping the focus on what’s truly important.

(17:39) Rebecca talks about the importance of planning for the marriage, not just the wedding, by asking big questions and discussing life’s decisions ahead of time. Doing this work is foundational to ensuring a couple builds a strong foundation together, she says.

(20:51) Fr. Mario Amore, a priest serving at St. Aloysius Parish in downtown Detroit, talks about what the Church expects of couples before their wedding day.

(28:05) Rebecca describes a Croatian wedding tradition she believes perfectly characterizes getting married in the Church.

Reporting by Gabriella Patti; narration and script by Casey McCorry; production by Ron Pangborn

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