In thanks for their service: 55 deacons celebrate milestone jubilees

Deacons and their wives pray during a jubilee Mass at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. On Oct. 28, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron offered thanks for 55 permanent deacons who are serving or have served in pastoral assignments across the Archdiocese of Detroit.  

DETROIT — On Oct. 28, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron celebrated a jubilee Mass at Sacred Heart Major Seminary for 55 permanent deacons serving in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Detroit Catholic commends and offers prayers of gratitude for the service of these deacons, who selflessly offer themselves in their vocations as husbands, fathers, professional workers and servants at the altar of God.

These deacons give of themselves in many different ministries, presiding at baptisms and weddings; counseling those in need or those about to be married; teaching RCIA or catechism; and volunteering in soup kitchens, shelters and food pantries. For all they do, we say thanks.

The following deacons are celebrating jubilees this year:

45 Years
Deacon Robert Delbeke
Deacon Eugene Krzeminski
Deacon Robert McLeod

40 Years
Deacon Harold Goodhue
Deacon Robert Fitzgerald
Deacon Patrick Bruen
Deacon Gary Pardo
Deacon Ernest Riopelle
Deacon Raymond Gabel

35 Years
Deacon Truman Stevens
Deacon Edward Hilger
Deacon Joseph Lennon
Deacon Bill Stimpson
Deacon Daniel Hurley
Deacon John Marku
Deacon Edward Swartz
Deacon Thomas Thomas
Deacon Francis McGann

30 Years
Deacon Ronald Cook
Deacon Thomas Yezak

25 Years
Deacon Daniel Darga
Deacon Joseph Iskra
Deacon John Sklandanowski
Deacon Michael Smith
Deacon Kenneth Nowicki
Deacon John Santeramo
Deacon Don Sobolewski
Deacon Johnny Vanneste

20 Years
Deacon James Ward
Deacon Patrick Conlen

15 Years
Deacon Luis Flores
Deacon Robert Ervin
Deacon Marc Gemellaro
Deacon John Liddle
Deacon Arthur Majkowski
Deacon Gerard McGowan
Deacon C. Roger O’Donnell
Deacon Mark Redwine
Deacon John Thompson
Deacon Edwin McLeod
Deacon Francis Doan
Deacon Eugene Kowalski

10 Years
Deacon David Fleming
Deacon Stephen Talbot
Deacon Daniel Gonos
Deacon Lawrence Toth
Deacon Ronald Vader
Deacon Kurt Godfryd
Deacon William Kolarik
Deacon Thomas Carter
Deacon Michael Lang
Deacon Jack Gardner

5 Years
Deacon Leon Rodgers
Deacon Marc Rybinski
Deacon Matthew Wisniewski