‘The Saint’: Ceciliaville’s iconic gym, where faith and basketball mix (VIDEO)

DETROIT  In 1967, St. Cecilia High School on the city’s west side closed its doors for good. But its iconic gym was just getting started.

More than 50 years later, “The Saint” has seen its share of NBA legends grace its hardwood, with players like Earl Cureton, Jalen Rose and Chris Webber getting their start playing pickup ball.

Today, Ceciliaville isn’t just for those destined to play professional basketball. Since getting a refresh earlier this year — thanks to a partnership between St. Charles Lwanga Parish and the Detroit Pistons — Ceciliaville hopes to be a “melting pot” for the neighborhood, a place where young and old, black or white, Catholic or non-Catholic, can bond over a simple game of basketball.

Cureton and St. Charles Lwanga pastor Fr. Ted Parker sat down with a Detroit Catholic film crew to talk about the history — and future — of “The Saint.”